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“Receiving the Scottish Vehicle Detailing Business of the Year Award, three years running, presented by Corporate LiveWire, simply continues that winning philosophy.”
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Professional Car Detailing Services at Zoldani

Your car will more than likely be one of the biggest ongoing expenditures in your life, so it pays to look after it. Not only mechanically but aesthetically.

Your car’s paintwork and wheels are exposed to the elements, road debris, other vehicles and being poorly washed in most cases 24/7, 365 days a year.
This means you need to repair and protect against these dangers.

Most modern cars come from the factory with a clear coat. This is a form of a plastic coating that is sprayed on top of the paint to protect its finish. This clear coat will be damaged over time and will no longer be as it was out of the factory.

This is where detailing comes in.

The process of detailing uses sanding and polishing to flatten scratches and therefore making the paint perfect again.

It is then protected with a ceramic coating, sealant, coating or a combination of all three to create a protective barrier. This barrier can fill in minor scratches but does degrade over time. This means your car needs to be routinely topped with protection to avoid damage to the paintwork and keep a deep gloss.

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Staff at Zoldani Auto Salon are seasoned professionals and whilst your vehicle is in with us we will take the upmost care of your vehicle as if it were our own. These disclaimers support our policy of being transparent and help promote a better understanding with our customers. Customers that enter the Zoldani Auto Salon premises do so at their own risk. Please ensure you make Zoldani Auto Salon aware of any potential problems before we start any work on your vehicle. We ask on Check-in our customers identify & point out any components or parts that are broken or in a condition about to fail before any work takes place. Removing dirt from a vehicle surface can reveal scratches, faults, dents & bumps, lacquer peel, loose clear coat, smart repairs and non original paintwork from factory. Zoldani will not accept any responsibility for what lies underneath and will not be held responsible to fix any paint issues that may occur during cleaning or applying Paint Protection Film. Zoldani will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from ill-fitting trim, loose or faulty parts or any wear and tear. Zoldani Auto Salon will not be responsible to replace weak or dead batteries. We avoid using any electrical devices on vehicles that may drain a battery, but leaving doors open during the cleaning process can drain a battery if in a weak state. Customers need to ensure their battery is in proper working condition. Customers are requested to clear their personal items from their vehicle, Zoldani Auto Salon will not be held responsible for any lost items. Glovebox interiors will not be cleaned or owner contents disturbed. Child seat(s) should be removed prior if you wish the seat cleaned. We are not experts in reinstalling child seats to meet specifications. When you enter our premises and select our services, you are accepting the above terms and acknowledge that vehicles and their contents, driven through or left on our premises are done so at the owners risk. Upon collection the customer will be asked to inspect the vehicle & confirm satisfaction before leaving our premises. All payments must be made on the day, upon completion of the service.